Empowering Women Through Costume Making Workshop in Cholet

On Sunday, June 9, 2024, a group of women in Cholet had the opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent at an exhibition held at the Jardin de verre. Under the guidance of costume designer Anne-Claire Ricordeau, six women from disadvantaged neighborhoods spent eight months creating theater costumes.

The workshop, known as « Costume de Saison, » was a collaborative effort between the Jardin de verre and Anne-Claire Ricordeau, who is also the costume designer for the Théâtre Régional des Pays de la Loire (TRPL). The exhibition of their work will be on display until the end of June.

This initiative aimed to provide these women with a platform to express themselves creatively and engage with the cultural scene in Cholet. Through their dedication and hard work, they were able to produce stunning costumes that reflect their talent and skills.

The closing event on Thursday, June 6, marked the end of this enriching experience for the participants. Their joy and pride were evident as they admired their creations, overseen by Anne-Claire Ricordeau.

This project not only showcased the artistic abilities of these women but also highlighted the importance of empowering individuals through creative expression. The support and guidance provided by Anne-Claire Ricordeau have played a significant role in the success of this workshop.

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