Benjamin Biolay and Marlène Schiappa Clash on Instagram over Political Views


On Sunday, June 9, 2024, Jordan Bardella and the RN received over 30% of the votes, leading to a heated debate between Benjamin Biolay and Marlène Schiappa on Instagram.

The historic result for the Rassemblement National saw the party, led by Jordan Bardella, dominate the competition and other parties such as La France Insoumise, the Parti Socialiste, Reconquête, and Renaissance during the European elections. This sparked reactions from Benjamin Biolay and other personalities who disagreed with the ideas of the RN.

Marlène Schiappa’s opinion sparked a response from Benjamin Biolay. The former Secretary of State for Social and Solidarity Economy and Associative Life in France took to Instagram to discuss possible reasons for the RN’s success. She emphasized that it is not surprising that people vote for the RN when they are constantly being told that they are RN. This statement angered Benjamin Biolay, who wanted to confront the former minister.

Biolay criticized the trend of ministers becoming influencers, stating that the republic is not a start-up and ministers should not act as influencers. Despite his attempts to respond to Schiappa, he was blocked by her on Instagram, leaving him frustrated with the situation and her behavior.

Overall, the clash between Benjamin Biolay and Marlène Schiappa on Instagram highlights the tensions surrounding political views in France.