Jack Miller Seeks Better Results Before Signing New Contract

In the midst of a challenging start to the season, Jack Miller finds himself among the many riders uncertain about the 2025 season. The only certainty for the Australian is that he will no longer be representing the official KTM team next year, as the brand has announced the promotion of Pedro Acosta. Anticipating this announcement, Miller hinted before the Italian Grand Prix that he was prepared to move to Tech3.

Following KTM’s initial decision and knowing that Enea Bastianini will take one of the remaining two spots on the manufacturer’s bikes, Miller admits that he does not have a clear view of the 2025 season. « I’m currently looking for a job, a new job, » he joked after Acosta’s promotion. « Let me know if you know of any openings! »

Despite the situation, Miller graciously acknowledges that Acosta fully deserves his place in the official team: « It was a clear decision for them. He’s been doing fantastic work all year. He’s an incredible rookie. We all know he’s a talent of his generation, so for them, it makes sense to do that. »

On a personal note, Miller does not feel ready to approach another team, given that his results have not met his expectations: « I’m not interested in signing anything with the results I’ve had so far. Don’t get me wrong, there’s not a long list of people wanting to give me a place, but I’ll have one. I’m not super stressed. »

« As I said, I’m not interested in signing for a spot right now, I’d prefer to have better results to strengthen my chances. But it’s a logical choice [from KTM]. »

« We’ll try to achieve good results, » added Miller, speaking to the official MotoGP website. « It’s not that I haven’t been trying recently, but I’ll try in the upcoming Grand Prix races. We’re in contact with several manufacturers, including KTM naturally, because a spot has opened up on one side of the garage. We’ll see, I believe in this project, I wouldn’t have come if I didn’t believe in it. We’ve had our difficulties, but I’m certain they’ll make us stronger in the future. I feel I still have a lot to give and to show. »

Despite experiencing highs and lows throughout his career, with a total of four victories, Miller remains hopeful during this challenging period, as his performances generally remain consistent. « The difference is that at least I’m fast. We’re still in the top 10 most of the time during the weekends, and the level is exceptional [in MotoGP] right now. »

« We’re trying to challenge these guys, we see mistakes happening ahead, with riders winning races and then crashing. The level is extremely high, there’s no forgiveness, it’s very different from before. These are new experiences, but I’ve had a long career and I’ve been through many of these moments throughout my career, and they make the good moments even better. »

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**Conclusion: Jack Miller faces uncertainty for the 2025 season after KTM’s decision to promote Pedro Acosta. Despite the challenges, Miller remains determined to achieve better results before considering a new contract, emphasizing his belief in the project and his potential for future success in MotoGP.**