LEGO DeLorean Back to the Future Promo: Dive into this Cult Trilogy!

LEGO has been able to expand its range over time to keep its customers captivated by reminding them of their good memories through clever collaborations that touch the nostalgic side of buyers. An excellent example of this is the DeLorean model, which is currently on sale.

LEGO sets itself apart from regular toys by being able to entertain both children and adults, showcasing an impressive longevity in the toy industry. The brand has recognized the importance of diversifying its target audience beyond just children to include adults who are nostalgic for their past and appreciate objects that hold sentimental value. The DeLorean model is a perfect example of this mix of nostalgia and intergenerational sharing, providing a great way to bond with younger generations while introducing or reintroducing them to a beloved universe.

Usually priced at €199.99, the LEGO model of the DeLorean from Back to the Future is currently on sale for €40 off at CDiscount, allowing you to purchase it for €159.99. This discount presents a great opportunity for fans of the cult trilogy to own a piece of their favorite movie franchise.

With 1872 pieces, this LEGO DeLorean model perfectly captures the essence of the iconic car from the movie. You have the option to create three different versions of the DeLorean:
– Back to the Future: The DeLorean with a lightning rod and a plutonium chamber
– Back to the Future 2: The DeLorean with the Mr. Fusion generator and the ability to switch to flight mode
– Back to the Future 3: The DeLorean with white-wall tires, a printed circuit board, and interchangeable license plates

In addition to these features, the set includes detailed mini-figures of Doc and Marty, along with accessories like the hoverboard, the OUTATIME license plate, and other interchangeable parts. The model also allows you to open the gull-wing doors, fold the wheels for flight mode, view important dates on the dashboard, and even open the hood, providing a complete and faithful replica of the original vehicle.

Take advantage of this price drop to treat yourself to the LEGO DeLorean and relive the magic of the Back to the Future trilogy. LEGO’s attention to detail and commitment to authenticity make this set a must-have for fans and collectors alike. So, grab your own DeLorean LEGO set today and embark on a nostalgic journey through time!

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