Figeac Aéro Takes Steps to Reduce CO2 Emissions

In line with many industrial sectors, Figeac Aéro is focusing on decarbonization. The aerospace group is undergoing a green revolution and committing to a comprehensive approach to reduce its carbon footprint.

Figeac Aéro has recently announced the acquisition of two new contracts totaling around €90 million. These contracts involve recent single-aisle programs for the Airbus A220 and the Boeing 737 Max. Thomas Girard, the deputy general manager of Figeac Aéro, expressed his satisfaction with this news, stating that these contracts will strengthen their position in civil programs that are leading the way in modernizing fleets of single-aisle aircraft towards more fuel-efficient models. This reflects the increasing concern for the environment among industrial companies, with Figeac Aéro actively participating in the fight against CO2 emissions.

At Figeac Aéro, a publicly traded company that must comply with regulatory obligations, the company’s leaders have initiated a strategic shift. In early June, they launched a « CO2 emissions monitoring solution » for the entire group. They have partnered with the Toulouse-based company Take Air, which provides support to each site through its team of « Carbon killers. »

The company aims to optimize the production of raw materials and their transportation to address the challenge of reducing the hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 emitted by these activities. A new logistical scheme will be implemented, along with structural changes at the group level to promote production closer to customers and the establishment of suppliers near their workshops. The example of subcontractor Bodycote’s installation in the Cambes industrial zone, just a few kilometers from Figeac’s historic Aiguille site, was highlighted as a step in the right direction.

Figeac Aéro is committed to achieving a decarbonized aviation industry and is urging its teams to take responsibility in pursuing this ambitious goal. The president of Grand Figeac, Vincent Labarthe, commended the company for its low-carbon objectives and efforts, emphasizing that economic development and sustainability go hand in hand.