Aymeric Lompret Supports Guillaume Meurice After Radio France Firing

Culture | 11/06/2024 12:45 | Updated 11/06/2024 16:49

The comedy show « Le Grand Dimanche Soir » faces changes as Guillaume Meurice announces his dismissal from France Inter. The comedian was suspended from the airwaves at the beginning of May after making controversial remarks about Benyamin Netanyahou, likening the Israeli Prime Minister to « a kind of Nazi, but without a foreskin. »

Following Meurice’s firing, his colleague and friend Aymeric Lompret spoke out. In a social media post, Lompret hinted that he would also be leaving France Inter in solidarity with his fellow comedian. Both Meurice and Lompret are part of the same group on the show and have been regular contributors.

Despite not explicitly stating his resignation from France Inter, Lompret’s message implied a similar course of action. He has stood by Meurice throughout the ordeal, showcasing their unity by not appearing on the show since Meurice’s suspension.

The fallout from Meurice’s dismissal has extended beyond the show, sparking a strike at Radio France over concerns about editorial changes at France Inter. As of now, other participants in the show, such as Waly Dia, Charline Vanhoenacker, and Juliette Arnaud, have not commented on their future at the public broadcaster.

In a similar move, comedian and composer Giedrė Barauskaitė announced her resignation from France Inter, citing « obvious reasons » and thanking the team for the freedom provided on the show. Linguist and researcher Laélia Véron also shared her departure from « Le Grand Dimanche Soir » in support of Meurice.

The situation continues to evolve, with uncertainty surrounding the future of the show and its contributors.

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