Catherine Nay: Analysis of Sarkozy, Hollande, and Macron

In a recent interview, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande both offered advice to their successor, Emmanuel Macron, despite their strained relationship. The question arises whether they are seeking a return to the political arena.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s interview in Le Figaro on May 30 was followed by François Hollande’s appearance on France 2 the same evening. Both former presidents criticized each other but took the opportunity to lecture Emmanuel Macron. Sarkozy emphasized the role of the president in supporting those who wish to remain French in New Caledonia, while also highlighting the complexities of the situation. He suggested a more robust approach to border control, hinting that Macron may consider the idea.

Meanwhile, Hollande boasted about standing up to Putin in the past, particularly in the context of arms deals and sanctions. He also commented on the upcoming European elections and the potential challenges Macron may face in the future.

Overall, the interviews shed light on the complex dynamics between past and present French leaders, hinting at potential power struggles and strategic alliances within the political landscape.