Bab Sebta Customs Foil Attempt to Smuggle Over 500 kg of Contraband Hookah Tobacco

In a recent operation at the Bab Sebta border crossing, customs and police officers successfully thwarted an attempt to traffic 501 kg of contraband hookah tobacco (maâssel) in a light vehicle, according to a customs source. During a joint inspection operation, customs officials, in collaboration with the police, seized this quantity of maâssel, which was carefully hidden in various parts of a vehicle registered in the occupied city of Sebta, driven by a Moroccan national residing in Sebta who was preparing to return to Moroccan territory, the same source explained. The vehicle and the goods, with an estimated value of 400,000 dirhams, were confiscated by customs, while the vehicle’s driver was handed over to the judicial police to further investigate the matter, under the supervision of the competent prosecutor.

This operation underscores the ongoing efforts to combat smuggling and protect national borders from illegal activities. The seizure of such a significant amount of contraband tobacco highlights the importance of vigilance and cooperation between law enforcement agencies in preventing illicit trade across borders.

Keywords: Bab Sebta, contraband, hookah tobacco, smuggling, customs