Exciting Quinté Race at Paris Vincennes Tonight – Selection by Hervé Fortin – France Bleu

A thrilling Quinté race is set to take place tonight at Paris Vincennes in the 4th race at 8:15 pm. This European race is open to horses aged 7 to 11 years old, covering a distance of 2850m. With numerous contenders vying for the top spots, the anticipation is high for this event.

Hervé Fortin has shared his top picks for the Quinté tonight at Paris Vincennes at 8:15 pm. Among his favorites are:
– **4 KING COLE**: Coming off a recent victory, all eyes are on this horse for a possible repeat performance.
– **16 HAVEN SEVEN**: With a tailored engagement at the earnings ceiling, this horse is one to watch.
– **5 HAMILTON DU HAM**: Expected to perform well at this distance and secure a place.
– **7 KING SCHERMER**: In top form, this Dutch horse is known for its consistency.
– **9 HELP ME WIN**: Keep an eye on this horse for a strong finish.
– **15 ÉREGON DES JUPILLES**: Determined to secure a place in the rankings.
– **6 FOGO PICO**: If all goes smoothly, this horse is expected to make it to the Quinté.

Hervé’s top choice is **4 KING COLE**, and he recommends placing a bet on **704 IKURO JIEL** for the race.

As the excitement builds for the Quinté race tonight, fans and bettors alike are eagerly anticipating the outcome. Stay tuned for the thrilling event at Paris Vincennes at 8:15 pm.

Remember to catch all the action and see if Hervé Fortin’s predictions come true in what promises to be an exhilarating race at Paris Vincennes.