« Parlement », sur France TV : la série qui va drôlement vous faire aimer l’Europe

A new television series is making waves in France and is set to change the way viewers perceive the European Parliament. Created by 38-year-old Noé Debré, the series « Parlement » dives into the world of European politics with a comedic twist, taking place within the corridors of the European institutions. Despite the challenging nature of the topic, Debré was determined to bring this political comedy to life, drawing inspiration from his upbringing in Strasbourg and the view of the Parliament from his window.

The journey to bringing « Parlement » to the screen was not an easy one, with Debré having to overcome obstacles to showcase the exciting and intriguing happenings within the Parliament. However, with the support of producer Fabienne Servan-Schreiber and her late husband, former socialist senator and European parliament member Henri Weber, the series finally came to fruition. Weber’s passion for European politics fueled Debré’s own enthusiasm, leading to visits to the various locations where the Parliament operates, from Brussels to Strasbourg.

As « Parlement » hits the screens, viewers can expect a fresh and entertaining take on the inner workings of the European Parliament. With a blend of humor and political insight, the series aims to shed light on the complexities of European politics while engaging audiences in a captivating manner.

Stay tuned as « Parlement » promises to be a groundbreaking series that will not only entertain but also educate viewers on the importance of European governance and the role it plays in shaping the continent’s future.

Keywords: European Parliament, France TV, political comedy, Noé Debré, Fabienne Servan-Schreiber