24-Hour Game Fever Takes Over Châteauroux

The excitement was palpable as more than three hundred gamers crowded around the tables at the Barbillat-Touraine hall for the opening of the 24-Hour Game event on Saturday, June 8th. Among the most enthusiastic participants were Lionel and Alexandre, gearing up for a non-stop 24-hour gaming marathon.

Lionel Viaud, a regular attendee of the Châteauroux 24-Hour Game event since 2013, returns each year for the fun and camaraderie. With a thousand players converging at the Barbillat-Touraine hall edition after edition, Lionel describes the event as a yearly reunion with a gaming family. Accompanied by his son Alexandre, whom he has passed on the gaming passion to, the duo wasted no time in diving into their first game just thirty minutes after the event’s commencement.

The challenge of playing continuously from Saturday at 3 pm to Sunday at the same time is no small feat, but Lionel and Alexandre are determined to conquer it. As the clock ticks, they must get their passports stamped every hour, a physically demanding but mentally liberating experience for the commercial advisor and the specialized store salesman in building materials and public works.

To sustain their energy levels, Lionel and Alexandre adopt a strategy of alternating between expert and casual games. As the night progresses, adrenaline becomes their fuel, with a ritual of venturing into Mars-themed games at 5 am. Their shared love for eurotrash strategy games keeps them engaged, accompanied by warm blankets and hot chocolate.

This year, Lionel unveiled his own card game prototype, « Cartonium, » blending humor, strategy, and luck to cater to players of all ages. The positive reception from fellow gamers has motivated him to prepare for its official release in the coming months, much to the anticipation of the local gaming community.

The 24-Hour Game event continues until Sunday at 4 pm at the Barbillat-Touraine hall in Châteauroux, with free entry for all. The weekend program includes a « Challengers » card game tournament, an interactive conference on the history of games, and the conclusion of the 24-hour gaming challenge, followed by a raffle for participants. Don’t miss out on the gaming extravaganza happening in Châteauroux!

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