New National Training Center for SNCF to Welcome 9,000 Trainees in Le Mans

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On Monday, June 10, 2024 at 08:07…

An architect’s view of the building dedicated to theoretical training at the future national training center of SNCF in Le Mans. Here, from Boulevard Demorieux. © A+ Architecture

The former Technicampus, SNCF’s training center, currently located at Technoparc in the south of Le Mans (Sarthe), will soon be replaced by a brand new version. However, this time it will be built along Boulevard Demorieux, closer to the city center.

In the spring of 2026, the new national training center for SNCF is expected to be operational in Le Mans (Sarthe). Here is what you need to know. A training center for SNCF in Le Mans, is it new? No. Since 2010, the Technicampus…

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Antonin LE BRIS.

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