Overloaded Mercedes Van Stopped on Emergency on Highway A9: Gendarmes in Disbelief

Loaded like a mule, a Mercedes van was stopped in emergency on highway A9 in Aude by the gendarmes. It displayed a weight of 7.4 tons!

How to go unnoticed when driving a van loaded like a mule? Hard to imagine when seeing the image captured by the gendarmes of Aude… On Friday, June 7, 2024, the military of the Narbonne Motorized Platoon carried out a check on this vehicle with a completely wacky load. On the roof of the van, you can see all kinds of objects including a red cart placed just above the cabin. Registered in Italy, this Mercedes Sprinter was heading to Spain. But that was without counting on the vigilance of the law enforcement and the recklessness of its driver… A weight of 7.4 tons! Once stopped, the vehicle was weighed to confirm the gendarmes’ initial impressions. Not surprisingly, the whole thing weighed 7.4 tons instead of the maximum 3.5 tons allowed. Overloading has effects on driving and braking. It increases the risk of accidents and damage to the vehicle, not to mention increased fuel consumption.

Videos: currently on ActuImmobilization and fixed fine The van was immediately immobilized « until the loading is brought into compliance ». The gendarmes specify that the driver must now « pay a fixed fine of €135 per 500 kg of overload, totaling €945 fine ». A small price to pay when imagining what could have happened to this rather unstable load…

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