St. Vincent Mesmerizes the Atelier with Unique Sounds

LUXEMBOURG – The artist St. Vincent performed at the Atelier on Monday night, captivating the audience with her unique sounds. « I think we are also here for her aesthetic, » said Sarah and Tammy, two young Luxembourgers in the crowd at the Atelier in Luxembourg City. While Sarah has been following the artist for eight years, this was her first time seeing her live.

The singer made a striking entrance on stage with her hit « Reckless. » For the first minute of her show, only her shadow was visible. The New Yorker, known for her indie-rock sound, won the Grammy for Best Rock Song in 2019 with « Masseduction. » That same year, the release of the hit « Cruel Summer, » co-written with Taylor Swift, brought her name to the mainstream.

Not very interactive with her audience, on Monday night she performed a variety of songs, each different from the last. Despite the stylistic differences, or perhaps because of them, she captivated the audience. Sonia and Stephan had previously seen St. Vincent in 2012 in Antwerp. They drove two hours from Belgium to see the singer again, this time with their daughter Suzanne, who recently discovered the indie-rock phenomenon.

It was not the first time for Cédric, 43, who had the chance to see the American artist in 2014 at the Sonic Visions festival in Esch-Belval. « It was love at first sight for me, » he said about her performance. Making the trip from the Vosges, he often attends shows at the Atelier. « I love this venue, there is always a great lineup here, and sometimes, you can meet the artists after the concert. »

St. Vincent’s charm certainly worked its magic on the audience. However, after just over an hour of the show, some may have wished for more.