Européennes 2024: Low Turnout Benefits HDZ and SDP in Croatia

In Croatia, the European Parliament elections saw a remarkably low turnout, with only 15% of voters casting their ballots by 5 pm. Despite this, the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ, EPP) emerged as the leading party with 33.74% of the votes, followed closely by the Social Democratic Party (Koalicija ‘SDP’, S&D) with 27.81% of the votes.

These results are in line with the legislative elections held in April 2024, where the center-right Prime Minister Andrej Plenković (HDZ, EPP) secured victory. He currently governs in coalition with the Patriotic Movement (DP, ~ID), who came in third in the European elections with 8.77% of the votes.

Croatia will be represented by 12 Members of the European Parliament (6 EPP, 4 S&D, 1 Greens/EFA, 1 non-affiliated).

Overall, the low turnout in Croatia highlights the importance of political engagement and the need to focus on strengthening democratic processes rather than on the weakening of nation-states. Stay tuned for further updates on the official results throughout the evening.

Date: June 9, 2024