Micron Technology is making waves in the gaming industry with its latest advancements in GDDR7 memory. The company has announced the production of 32 Gbps GDR7 chips, allowing for a maximum bandwidth of 1.5 TB/s through a 384-bit memory interface.

This next-generation GDDR7 memory from Micron boasts the industry’s highest bit density. Leveraging Micron’s 1β DRAM technology and innovative architecture, GDDR7 offers high-performance memory at 32 Gb/s in a power-optimized design. With over 1.5 TB/s of system bandwidth, up to 60% higher than GDDR6, and four independent channels to optimize workloads, Micron’s GDDR7 memory enables faster response times, smoother gameplay, and reduced processing times.

Not only does GDDR7 offer over 50% energy efficiency compared to GDDR6, improving thermal performance and extending battery life, but the new standby mode also reduces standby power consumption by up to 70%. The advanced reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features of Micron’s GDDR7 memory enhance device reliability and data integrity without compromising performance, expanding the range of applications for GDDR7 memory to artificial intelligence, gaming, and high-performance computing workloads.

Micron’s GDDR7 memory delivers high performance, increasing throughput by up to 33% and reducing response times by up to 20% for generative AI workloads like text creation from images. Additionally, Micron anticipates that graphics cards built with GDDR7 will offer over a 30% improvement in frames per second (FPS) for ray tracing and rasterization compared to current GDDR6 and GDDR6X trends in 1080p, 1440p, and 4K resolutions.

The addition of GDDR7 complements Micron’s cutting-edge product portfolio for advanced AI inference applications on CPU, NPU, and GPU components with DDR, LPDDR, and GDDR memory options. For gaming applications, Micron’s GDDR7 memory enables AI-enhanced gameplay with adaptable landscapes, players, and scenarios through performance and buffer scaling.

Micron’s Vice President and General Manager of the Compute Products Group, Praveen Vaidyanathan, stated, « Micron is once again at the forefront of memory innovation, developing solutions with the highest available bandwidth, built with advanced processes and interface technology to enable continued leadership in graphics performance. Micron’s leading-edge GDDR7 memory capabilities achieve new levels of realism and performance for the most demanding applications. »

With over five years of high-volume manufacturing of GDDR6X memory, Micron has a proven track record of providing top-tier performance and quality. These attributes, along with mature technology, design, and testing experience, will accelerate GDDR7 adoption and provide comprehensive support for product manufacturing ramp-up. Micron introduced PAM4 signaling on GDDR6X, delivering leading performance with over 20% improvement over GDDR6. The success of PAM4 forms the foundation for maintaining Micron’s leadership position in the GDDR7 portfolio with PAM3.

Micron’s GDDR7 memory will be available directly from Micron and through select global distributors and resellers in the second half of the 2024 calendar year. For more information, visit the Micron GDDR7 page.

In collaboration with industry partners like AMD and Cadence, Micron is poised to revolutionize gaming experiences with the launch of GDDR7 memory. Stay tuned for the exciting advancements and performance gains that GDDR7 will bring to the gaming world.