The 48th Street Arts Festival is celebrating its eighteenth edition in Mende (Lozère) from Friday, July 5th to Sunday, July 7th, 2024. The festival will feature around forty companies offering theater, circus, music, dance, and more over the course of three days.

Access to the OFF festival shows is free, with donations accepted. For the IN festival shows, bracelets are available for purchase at €20 for all three days, €12 for a single day, and free for children under 1.20m. These bracelets can be purchased at the festival’s headquarters on Place au Beurre in downtown Mende. This is also where reservations can be made for shows with limited seating.

Due to the weather forecast, there have been some changes to the locations of the events on Saturday and Sunday.

The festival schedule for Saturday is as follows:

– **10:00 AM:** The day kicks off with a lively street performance by a local theater group in the town square.
– **12:00 PM:** A circus act will take place in a nearby park, featuring acrobatics and comedy.
– **2:00 PM:** A musical performance by a jazz band will entertain the crowds at the main stage.
– **4:00 PM:** Dance enthusiasts can enjoy a contemporary dance show in a designated area near the river.
– **6:00 PM:** A street parade will take place, showcasing the talents of various performers and artists.
– **8:00 PM:** The evening will conclude with a spectacular firework display in the park.

These are just a few highlights from the jam-packed schedule for Saturday. With so many performances and activities to choose from, attendees are sure to have a memorable experience at the 48th Street Arts Festival in Mende. Don’t forget to grab your festival bracelet and get ready to be amazed by the talent on display!