Michel Sardou’s Son Davy Joins « Plus belle la vie » Series


Davy Sardou is set to join the cast of « Plus belle la vie » on TF1 for a new storyline. He will portray a nurse who has just arrived in Marseille. The son of Michel Sardou hopes that his father will watch the series, although he is unsure.

A new character will soon be introduced in the Mistral neighborhood. Pascal, a nurse newly arrived in Marseille, will join the local medical practice to help with the staffing shortage. And this nurse will be played by none other than Davy Sardou, son of Michel, in « Plus belle la vie » on TF1. In the coming days, the actor will be at the center of one of the show’s new storylines. It has been over ten years since Davy Sardou last appeared in a television series. He had previously been in a few TV movies and episodes of series such as Navarro, R.I.S Police Scientifique, and Section de recherches. The actor had focused more on theater since 2014, with around twenty plays to his credit.

Michel Sardou, on the other hand, is reportedly more of a fan of American action films than French series. Davy Sardou revealed in an interview with Télé Loisirs that his father may not follow the series closely but he hopes he will watch. The actor mentioned that his father’s attachment to the South of France might lead him to check out the show. Michel Sardou has been residing in Var for a few months now, with his wife Anne-Marie, in a 500m2 mansion on the hill of Cap Bénat. The property is in an « ultra-secure millionaire’s residence, » with direct access to a nearly private beach. Some of Davy’s friends are already part of the series, and he admits that he wasn’t a die-hard fan of « Plus belle la vie » before joining. He watched some episodes because his friends were in it, like Flavie Péan, Dounia Coesens, and Annie Gregorio.

Davy Sardou also mentioned that he didn’t watch the show regularly but now that he’s part of it, he has to keep the upcoming plot twists a secret. The episodes are filmed only a few weeks before airing on TF1, sometimes even at the last minute due to important current events. For instance, the recent inclusion of abortion rights in the Constitution on March 8.