The two Sevillians opened the grand gate facing an interesting bullfight with bulls from Jandilla for the opening of the Istres Feria. Daniel Luque cut three ears and Borja Jimenez two.
Also, a trophy for Thomas Joubert.

In front of a nearly full arena for the opening of the Istres Feria, Jandilla presented an interesting bullfight with bulls that had harmonious lines and limited armor. The first four bulls, marked with the two brands of Jandilla and Vegahermosa (4th and 5th), displayed beautiful qualities of class and nobility during the faenas. The 5th bull, for Thomas Joubert, did not offer any options to the French maestro, and the last one turned out to be fierce and demanding. All bulls had only one encounter with the cavalry.

Three ears for Daniel Luque
Daniel Luque justified his status as a triumphant of the 2023 season and the best bullfighter in France for the past three years at Istres. He delivered a very intense and successful first fight against the opening Jandilla bull. The cape reception was exemplary in sweetness with delantales, and his faena was characterized by exemplary plasticity, technique, gentleness, and slowness. Exploiting the qualities of a Jandilla bull overflowing with class, Daniel Luque shone during the two series on the right bank before gaining even more strength on the left horn with very deep natural passes.

The final with the final luquesinas and a beautiful sword maintained the intensity of the faena, and a significant ear greeted his performance. The bullfighter from Gerena then faced a bull of great class that followed with rhythm and nobility his muleta despite a problem in the front leg suffered during the banderillas. Taking care of the Vegahermosa’s strength at the beginning of the faena by gently accompanying it halfway up, the faena intensified during the three series on the left with deep passes performed from the bottom. The Sevillian concluded the fight with his usual ease with the swords to obtain two new trophies.

Borja Jimenez triumphs at Istres after Madrid
Borja Jimenez presented himself at the Istres arena adorned with his awards as the triumphant and best faena of the San Isidro awarded last Sunday in Madrid. Facing his first Jandilla of a pleasant size for the bullfighter, the Sevillian greeted him with gentle delantales with the cape. Jimenez had the opportunity to express his classic and artistic toreo against a quality bull with a beautiful gallop, deep charges that willingly lowered his head in the muletas. The six series on both horns seduced the aficionados with their depth and artistic dimension. Despite a half sword, the two handkerchiefs fell from the palco, which were contested by the majority of the public.

Borja Jimenez then faced a fierce and very demanding bull to conclude the bullfight. Experienced in tough battles after his two triumphs in Madrid against Victorino Martin and Victoriano del Rio, the bullfighter demonstrated all his abilities to take the lead against the crafty bulls. He won the battle before fully connecting with the stands in the final part close to the horns. Unfortunately, three sword failures deprived him of a more bountiful harvest.

The personality of Thomas Joubert seduces
Finally, Thomas Joubert also faced a Jandilla that allowed him to express his personality. His first faena made an impression with his very particular toreo with a completely relaxed body, a lot of verticality, and horns that brushed his femorals on each pass drawn slowly. This commitment earned him a severe goring. Bad luck struck him as the bull refused to settle at the time of the kill, and several failures with the swords deprived him of a reward.

He then fought a weak Vehahermoso bull that did not offer him any options by stopping his charges in the middle of the passes. With total commitment, he performed a beautiful series of natural passes on the final part of the faena. The final manoletinas and a committed sword provoked the request for an ear from the public, which the presidency granted.

Four major spectacles this weekend in Istres
The Feria will continue on Saturday with a morning novillada from Juan Pedro Domecq for Niño Julian and Marco Perez, followed by the Victoriano del Rio bulls (6 pm) to be fought by Sébastien Castella, Mexican Leo Valadez, and Christian Parejo.
On Sunday, the Pagès-Mailhan will tread the sand of Istres in the morning in a cartel composed of El Rafi, Carlos Olsina, and Jorge Martinez. Then, the closing bullfight will feature Enrique Ponce for his second bullfight of his final season against the Juan Pedro Domecq bulls, accompanied by David Galvan, who has just shone in Madrid, and Clemente.