Anne Patault is the candidate for the 4th constituency of Ille-et-Vilaine, representing the Renaissance party of President Emmanuel Macron. She was confirmed as the candidate on Friday, June 14th. Anne Patault, who was previously a candidate in 2022 but was defeated in the second round, is a former socialist who joined Macron’s party. She is also a regional elected official, deputy mayor of Renac, and a former leader of a professional training company for adults.

Anne Patault aligns herself with the left wing of the Renaissance party, known as Territoire de Progrès. This wing was created three years ago and includes members like Elisabeth Borne, former Prime Minister, and Olivier Dussopt, former Minister of Labor, Full Employment, and Insertion. Patault aims to build an alternative in the center for those who do not identify with the extremes of the political spectrum.

In terms of her political ideology, Anne Patault describes herself as a woman of the left, a social democrat in the vein of Jacques Delors. She explains that she joined Macron’s movement because the Socialist Party no longer aligned with her ideals and approach to governance. She appreciates Macron’s ability to find a compromise between left and right, which she believes is necessary for advancing and reforming the country.

On a local level, Anne Patault is advocating for the new hospital in Redon to meet the needs of the community. She emphasizes the importance of the hospital as a tool for regional development and believes that the proposals from the Regional Health Agency need to be reworked to better serve the community.

Despite her alignment with the Renaissance party, Anne Patault asserts that she is not part of a cult and is willing to express dissenting opinions on certain issues. She believes in the importance of conducting a critical review of Macron’s actions, both positive and negative, including issues like decentralization and the representation of regions in decision-making processes.

The timing of Anne Patault’s candidacy announcement was later than other candidates, with initial investitures being revealed on June 10th. This delay may indicate that the 4th constituency of Ille-et-Vilaine was a highly contested territory within the majority. Stay updated on the latest news from your favorite cities and media by signing up for Mon Actu.