The rise of the far-right in France has sparked a wave of concern among artists, who are using their social media platforms to urge their fans to oppose the National Rally party. From Squeezie to Léna Situations, Marion Cotillard, Kylian Mbappé, Jules Koundé, and Roschdy Zem, all are determined to encourage their followers to make a different choice.

On Thursday, July 4, 2024, Adèle Exarchopoulos expressed her outrage on Instagram. She criticized the media for normalizing and making the far-right ‘cool,’ as well as journalists for promoting and spreading xenophobic rhetoric. She also called out the Macron government for legitimizing the far-right by adopting some of their policies, such as immigration laws and focusing on issues like the abaya.

Adèle Exarchopoulos also condemned political parties for aligning themselves with the far-right to gain seats in the National Assembly and save their careers. She expressed her disappointment in those who have contributed to a climate of xenophobia and discrimination that will tarnish France’s image. Furthermore, she criticized the National Rally party for being extreme, racist, dangerous, and seeking to divide the French people to gain power.

The atmosphere of fear surrounding the National Rally party in 2024 is reminiscent of a similar sentiment ten years ago. In 2014, during the municipal elections, several artists publicly opposed the far-right, with some even stating that they would not live or perform in areas where Marine Le Pen’s party had gained ground. Yannick Noah, for example, had vowed not to perform concerts in France if the National Front party won the elections. This threat was echoed by Patrick Bruel, who expressed his disdain for the party’s ideology and refused to perform in front of an institution he despised.

The current situation has reignited debates about the influence of the far-right in French politics and society. As artists continue to speak out against the rise of extremism, it remains to be seen how their activism will impact the upcoming legislative elections and the future of France as a whole. The power of celebrity voices in shaping public opinion and mobilizing voters is a key aspect of the ongoing struggle against the far-right’s divisive agenda.