Sylvie Tellier: A New Chapter in Her Life

Cyril Hanouna was determined to get her to open up. As usual, the iconic host of C8 did not hesitate to ask his guests inappropriate questions. This Tuesday, June 11, it was Sylvie Tellier who was in the hot seat.

The former director of the Miss France organization discussed her departure from the committee, also revealing details about the money she earned. « I left on very good terms with the group, » she began. This statement prompted Gilles Verdez to react. « I heard you left with several million euros, » he blurted out.

On the show, Sylvie Tellier was not going to let the commentator spread falsehoods about her. « Oh no. Do you know that Macron capped departure benefits or not? » she asked before continuing, « That amount is absolutely false. I would have loved to receive that but no. » While Cyril Hanouna continued his show by moving on, Sylvie Tellier wanted to revisit the topic a few minutes later. « I would have felt very uncomfortable taking three million in benefits to leave, » she affirmed.

Sylvie Tellier: The former committee director reveals more
Sylvie Tellier was determined to defend herself. Facing the commentators, she shared details about her family background. « I come from a working-class family. When my father left home, my mother was earning minimum wage, » she revealed before adding, « She didn’t even have a job. I was raised by a courageous mother. »

Proud of her mother, Sylvie Tellier declares that she is a role model for her. « I am ambitious, I want to succeed but I believe everything should have value, » the former committee director asserts before stating, « I would never have accepted to leave with that sum of money. »

Sylvie Tellier proudly states that her departure from the committee was her choice. This opportunity for her to speak out allowed her to talk about the Miss France organization, which has been a topic of discussion over the years. « It’s crazy. There is a lot of speculation around Miss France, » she lamented before continuing, « You don’t even know the actual revenue. It seems like Miss France is a company that generates millions and millions. »

However, the former director affirms that it has not always been easy for the contest’s staff. « We put together the show but had to manage on our own. I drove the car for years, we didn’t even have a driver in the beginning, » she concluded.

Sylvie Tellier: A departure that sparked discussions
After 17 years at the helm of the Miss France committee, Sylvie Tellier announced her departure in August 2022. This surprised the loyal fans, but the main person involved quickly stated that it was her choice. « It’s the big leap, » she declared on Instagram. « I decided to leave the Miss France organization with a lot of emotion because you don’t leave a company after 17 years without memories and a bit of a lump in your throat, » she added. A few weeks later, in an interview with Le Figaro, Sylvie Tellier provided more details on the matter. « I want to give a new direction to my career, » she explained.

Sylvie Tellier has no regrets about leaving the committee. « I want to start new ventures. I love my country, and we have fantastic assets to promote. I would like to put my energy into promoting France and its expertise, » she further added. Her goal was also to fully enjoy her family, especially her three children. Oscar, born in 2010 from her marriage to Camille Le Maux, Margaux, born in 2014, and Roméo, born in 2018 from her new union with Laurent. « There is one thing I don’t miss, it’s not being able to enjoy my weekends, » Sylvie Tellier admitted before saying, « I am so happy to enjoy my loves. »