Raphaël Glucksmann: His Previous Relationship with a Famous Politician Before Léa Salamé

In an intriguing turn of events, Raphaël Glucksmann, the head of the Place publique / Parti socialiste list for the European elections on June 9, has been revealed to have had a previous romantic relationship with a prominent female politician before his current partner, Léa Salamé. This relationship sheds light on a lesser-known aspect of Glucksmann’s personal life.

Before embarking on a decade-long love story with Léa Salamé starting in 2015, Raphaël Glucksmann was married to a woman who made a name for herself in the political arena. Eka Zgouladze, a Georgian national who later acquired Ukrainian citizenship, had a successful career as the former first vice-minister and later minister of internal affairs in Georgia under President Mikheil Saakachvili. She also served as the first vice-minister of internal affairs in Ukraine from 2014 to 2016 during Petro Porochenko’s presidency. From their relationship, they had a son named Alexandre, who is now 13 years old.

During their time together, Raphaël Glucksmann and Eka Zgouladze were actively involved in political movements such as Euromaidan in Ukraine, which led to significant changes in the country’s governance. Their relationship took them from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, to Paris, where they shared a life before going their separate ways.

The revelation of Glucksmann’s past relationship has caused a stir in the European Parliament, where his connections to prominent political figures have raised eyebrows. Despite the attention, Glucksmann has remained focused on his political endeavors and his current relationship with Léa Salamé, whom he met in 2015 during a television show recording.

In conclusion, Raphaël Glucksmann’s romantic history adds a layer of complexity to his public persona, showcasing the diverse experiences that have shaped his personal and political life. This revelation serves as a reminder that behind every public figure, there is a rich tapestry of relationships and experiences that contribute to their identity.

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