Donald Trump’s Harassment of Miss France Camille Cerf

We all know Donald Trump’s fondness for beauty pageant contestants and models: after all, he has been married to two models, Ivana and Melania, not to mention Marla Maples, a former beauty queen. He was particularly thrilled to be the president of the Miss Universe competition, in which he owned shares until 2015. This gave him the opportunity to flirt shamelessly with the young women who caught his eye, including Camille Cerf, Miss France 2015, who participated in the Miss Universe pageant in Miami.

According to former Miss France director Sylvie Tellier, Trump was infatuated with Camille Cerf during the competition in Doral, Miami. He would follow her around in his golf cart, refusing to give up his pursuit. Despite this, Camille stood her ground and rejected his advances. This behavior is not surprising considering Trump’s history of scandals, misogyny, and inappropriate actions towards women.

Other beauty pageant contestants have also shared their uncomfortable encounters with Trump. Miss Finland recounted how Trump sexually assaulted her during a TV shoot in 2006, and Miss France 2010, Malika Ménard, described how she was objectified and pressured to behave in a certain way to please Trump.

Elodie Gossuin, another former Miss France, faced discrimination and harassment at the Miss Universe competition in 2001 when Trump’s staff mistakenly believed she was a man. They subjected her to invasive questioning and demanded she undergo unnecessary medical procedures. Only after the intervention of a higher authority was she able to participate in the competition.

These incidents shed light on Trump’s inappropriate behavior towards beauty pageant contestants and his lack of respect for women. It is important to acknowledge and condemn such actions, especially when they involve individuals in positions of power and influence.

Camille Cerf is a French model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss France 2015. Born on December 9, 1994, in Calais, France, she began her modeling career at a young age. After winning the Miss France title, she went on to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant. Camille is known for her advocacy work on mental health awareness and body positivity. She continues to be a prominent figure in the fashion and beauty industry.