Polska: Rising Star of « TPMP »

Interview – Ranked fourth in our web survey of viewers’ favorite « TPMP » columnists, the 24-year-old woman has managed to make her mark within Cyril Hanouna’s team.

Polska’s story on « Touche pas à mon poste! » began on November 2, 2022, as a witness to an incident she had been a victim of. Turned away from a Parisian restaurant because of an outfit deemed « inappropriate » by the owner, she expressed her dismay. On March 27, 2023, she returned amid protests against pension reform where she claimed to have been a victim of sexism.

On August 31, Polska took part in the filming of the pilot for « TPMP » for a trial run in Cyril Hanouna’s panel of columnists. « I stopped OnlyFans and I am in the midst of a professional reconversion, » she introduced herself in a few words. Three months later, the C8 host gave her a chance for the first time, alternating with Kelly Vedovelli.

In six months on C8, Polska has won over the viewers of « Touche pas à mon poste! » with her humor and her openly superficial demeanor, as well as for her courageous stances. Far from being a caricature of the pretty blonde without brains who sits quietly without saying anything, the 24-year-old woman expresses herself forcefully. In our web survey of the season, you ranked her in fourth place among the « TPMP » columnists.

Meet Polska: The Woman Behind the Rising Fame

Born in October 1999 and raised in Zlotow, Poland, Polska returned to France at the age of 4-5 to join her father who had been living in France for about ten years. Initially, she had wanted to return to Poland when she came of age, but she eventually came to appreciate the open-mindedness of the French and decided to stay. She describes herself as a true Polish immigrant in France, with her nickname meaning « Polish. »

Polska keeps her real first name a mystery, despite sharing many details of her life on social media. She values this small detail as the only mystery she wants to preserve. Despite facing challenges in her childhood, including moving from foster home to foster home and taking legal action against her parents for financial support, Polska managed to obtain her high school diploma and began to thrive on the internet.

During the summer of 2018, Polska posted a slightly sexy photo of herself with the caption « I am cute, » which sparked a feminist movement with the hashtag #JeSuisCute. This movement aimed to empower women to embrace their beauty and self-worth regardless of others’ opinions. Polska’s activities on OnlyFans were a way to monetize her content creation, although she eventually decided to stop due to the negative stigma associated with it in France.

Now, Polska aims to be a « cultured and engaged » woman rather than just a « bimbo. » She wants to showcase a deeper side behind her sexy image and playful antics, addressing serious topics intelligently. Polska’s experience on « Touche pas à mon poste! » has been a valuable opportunity for her to continue growing and making her voice heard in the media industry.