Le Street Food Festival de Marseille met à l’honneur les cuisines du monde

In anticipation of this year’s Olympics, the Street Food Festival in Marseille will be celebrating cuisines from around the globe. Julia Falzone, the creator of La Mignonne, a triporteur ice cream parlor in Marseille offering sweet and savory artisanal ice creams, will be participating in the festival!

Le Street Food Festival célèbre la diversité culinaire

The 4th edition of the Street Food Festival will take place from June 13th to 15th, 2024 on the esplanade of La Major with Provence Tourisme. In light of the upcoming Olympic Games, where sailing events and football matches will be held in Marseille, cuisines from all over the world will be showcased. Provence Tourisme has recently put out a call for exhibitors to run food trucks and stands at the event.

La Mignonne: Ice Creams that Travel in Marseille

La Mignonne is a triporteur ice cream parlor in Marseille offering sweet and savory artisanal ice creams at events and for home delivery. Julia, the founder, who has a deep love for Marseille, its culture, eclectic nature, and energy, began conceptualizing her mobile ice cream sales idea in 2018. From classic flavors to innovative combinations, La Mignonne offers a unique experience with options like goat cheese ice cream with raspberry hibiscus sorbet and speculos topping, or arugula sorbet paired with black sesame ice cream.

Exciting News: La Mignonne to Open a Store in La Ciotat in July 2024

The latest development from La Mignonne is the opening of a store in La Ciotat in July 2024, expanding their reach and bringing their delicious ice creams to even more customers.

In conclusion, the Street Food Festival in Marseille promises to be a celebration of culinary diversity with La Mignonne’s unique offerings adding a special touch to the event. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample flavors from around the world and experience the vibrant food scene in Marseille.