Jouez aux devinettes avec Les Franglaises à Toulouse

The Franglaises, the musical show that translates major English-language hits in the most literal and absurd way possible, is back on Tuesday, June 4th and Wednesday, June 5th at the Casino Barrière.

The adventure of the Franglaises started about fifteen years ago in Saint-Maur-Des-Fossés (Val-de-Marne), as told by Saliha, a founding member of the group. « At the time, I was doing theater with a small group of friends. One day, a restaurant gave us carte blanche to animate a dinner-show. We came up with a guessing game where the spectators had to recognize lyrics from Anglo-Saxon songs translated into literal French. For example, when the Beatles sing ‘I make a real bread,’ we translate it, word for word, as ‘Je fais un vrai pain.’ This has nothing to do with the actual meaning of the expression which means ‘I earn a good living.’ This game was so well-received that we were asked to do several evenings. People had a lot of fun. » From there, the Franglaises group created its show, which started small in the streets of the Avignon festival in 2010, then won the Molière for Best Musical Show in 2015, totaling « about 2,000 performances and 1.5 million spectators, » as stated by Saliha.

Team of Misfits
The Franglaises group brings together 12 artists on stage, all versatile. « We are very prepared for a show prepared under the leadership of our master of ceremonies, who has arranged everything down to the smallest detail. But of course, nothing goes as planned, » says the actress. Saliha plays « a kind of very chic queen of the night, who has the will to do well, but who will reveal her potential for idiocy and clowning and will join the team of misfits. » Michel Fils-de-Jacques (Michael Jackson), Reine (Queen), Les Scarabées (The Beatles), Les Filles Épices (Spice Girls), and others are waiting for us for a completely crazy blind test.

Don’t miss out on the chance to play guessing games with Les Franglaises in Toulouse. Experience their unique twist on English-language hits and enjoy a night of music and laughter. The Franglaises promise an entertaining and unforgettable evening for all music lovers and fans of comedy.