Jazzablanca: A Spectacular Closing with Gnawi and Fusion Rhythms

The closing night at Parc Anfa was a true musical fireworks display. The 17th edition of the Jazzablanca festival reached its peak on Saturday night during the final evening on the Nouveau Souffle stage. Several promising Moroccan talents shone brightly in front of a loyal and enthusiastic audience.

**Snitra**, formed in 2015, takes its name from the Darija expression meaning « guitar » or « string instrument. » This Moroccan fusion group, consisting of eight members, draws deeply from the musical culture of the eastern region. Their music, both lively and sometimes melancholic, celebrates North African musical identity. Gnawa, reggada, gharnati, and issawa rhythms harmoniously merge with elements of rock, reggae, and jazz. The vibrant energy and sonic diversity of their performance transported the audience on a unique musical journey.

**Saad Tiouly**, on the other hand, followed with authentic and moving compositions. An accomplished artist, he pushes the boundaries of fusion by blending diverse universes. His hybrid instruments, including the guembri, are his signature. Sufi, Nubian, Arabic tarab, blues, jazz, reggae, and funk music intertwined under his fingers, creating a unique aesthetic. His performance captivated an audience of all ages, mesmerized by the magic of music.

The closing night at Parc Anfa was a true musical fireworks display. The Icelandic group **Kaleo** delivered an energetic and captivating performance, followed by the Italian icon **Zucchero**, whose timeless songs resonated with the hearts of festival-goers.

This edition of Jazzablanca, true to its reputation, brought together diverse talents from all walks of life. The festival managed to create a unique atmosphere of celebration and musical discovery, confirming its prominent position in the landscape of international festivals. Since its launch in 2006, Jazzablanca embodies the cosmopolitan soul of the metropolis, showcasing the achievements and big names of Pop, Soul, Rock, Funk, World Music, and Jazz.