Jarry was feeling emotional as he bid farewell to the show « Tout le monde veut prendre sa place » aired on France 2. On Sunday, July 7th, the host couldn’t hold back his tears in front of one of the contestants.

Having been at the helm of « Tout le monde veut prendre sa place » for just a year, Jarry announced his decision to leave the show back in April. But before handing over the reins to Cyril Féraud, the comedian experienced emotional moments on the set. On that Sunday, he was deeply moved by a contestant named Jérôme who is a cabaret artist. Jérôme’s performance at the Artishow cabaret in Paris brought back memories for Jarry. After learning about Jérôme’s invitation to the cabaret, Jarry expressed his regret at not being able to make it there for the past two years. In response, Jérôme presented him with a golden ticket.

Grateful and delighted with the gift, Jarry acknowledged the uniqueness of the cabaret, mentioning that it was built with the strength of the people who compose it. Recovering from his emotions, Jérôme revealed that a former colleague from L’instinct théâtre was part of the team, prompting Jarry to tear up. He reminisced about the small theater he opened in Paris and how it shaped his career, leading to where he is today.

Jarry’s decision to leave the show was primarily driven by his focus on his upcoming tour. He expressed his love for hosting the show and praised the production team. However, he emphasized the need to conserve his energy for the tour, which will take him to various countries. The demands of hosting a daily show meant that he had limited time with his children, prompting him to redirect his energy towards his audience and upcoming performances.

In conclusion, Jarry’s emotional encounter with Jérôme on the show reflected the impact of his journey in the entertainment industry. As he prepares to embark on a new chapter in his career, his time on « Tout le monde veut prendre sa place » will remain a significant part of his professional experience.