Blake Lively made a bold fashion statement at the Chanel dinner in New York on June 10 by styling pyjamas for city wear. The American actress redefined homewear with a chic floral ensemble that turned heads.

Stepping away from the set of her new film « A Simple Favor 2 » earlier in the week, Blake Lively attended the traditional dinner organized by Chanel for the Tribeca Film Festival. Known for her fashion icon status, the former « Gossip Girl » star looked stunning in a silky pyjama-style shirt and pants set. While nightwear may not typically be associated with chic city wear, Blake Lively effortlessly pulled off the look. She fully embraced the concept by opting for a head-to-toe pyjama outfit adorned with logos. She wore a black ensemble from Chanel consisting of a fitted blazer and elegant wide-leg pants, covered in colorful floral patterns and the iconic logo of the French fashion house. Completing her look with a pair of pumps and whimsical jewelry, including colorful rings and a large black/silver clutch.

The Pyjama Trend in the City:
The pyjama has become a versatile homewear essential in recent years, especially with the rise of comfort wear during the 2020 lockdown and the return to comfortable clothing. Now, this nightwear staple can be worn during the day, either in a chic and elegant way, or in a casual and relaxed manner. There are several options for those looking to adopt the sleepwear trend in the city. For the bold fashionistas, opt for a head-to-toe pyjama look with a shirt and pants like Blake Lively, or a satin slip dress paired with a beautiful pair of heeled mules. For a more subtle approach, try a men’s boxer or striped linen pants, combined with a white shirt and a pair of sneakers.

Fashion enthusiasts can experiment with different styles and combinations to find the perfect pyjama-inspired outfit for any occasion. Whether it’s a formal event or a casual day out, incorporating elements of homewear into city wear can add a unique and trendy twist to your wardrobe. So, don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces to create your own stylish look inspired by Blake Lively’s pyjama fashion statement.