Gabriel Hafner, a 28-year-old Swiss designer, has recently won the prestigious Prix Tectona at the Design Parade Hyères festival held at Villa Noailles from June 27 to June 30. The prize comes with a cash award of 5000 euros. This competition, initiated by the French outdoor furniture brand Tectona, required the ten competing candidates in the Grand Prix Design Parade Hyères to create a prototype of an outdoor table at a 1/5 scale on the theme of « a summer meal. » The only technical constraint was to use metal or a non-decaying natural material.

Hafner impressed the jury, led by French designer Fabien Cappello based in Mexico, with his innovative design. He presented « a garden table designed with a sturdy wooden frame and a woven wooden and textile tablecloth, reminiscent of the beach mats of our childhood. The weaving pattern creates a surface that is both rigid and flexible. With a single gesture, the tablecloth can be unfolded to form the tabletop. »

The works of all the finalists, including Alex Sinh Nguyen and Luca Rizzo (graduates of ECAL and HEAD – Geneva respectively), as well as the winners of the Grand Prix (Valentine Tiraboschi & Sacha Parent) and the Public Prize (Juliette Rougier), will be on display at Villa Noailles until September 1st.

Gabriel Hafner, a young talent with a background from the Lausanne University of Art and Design, showcased his creativity and craftsmanship through his winning design. The combination of natural materials and intricate weaving techniques in his table design not only reflects his skill but also his ability to evoke nostalgia and create functional art pieces.

The Design Parade Hyères festival serves as a platform for emerging designers to showcase their talents and connect with industry professionals. It provides a valuable opportunity for young designers like Hafner to gain recognition and establish themselves in the competitive world of design.

As visitors explore the exhibition at Villa Noailles, they will have the chance to witness the creativity and innovation of the finalists’ works. From traditional craftsmanship to contemporary design elements, the showcase highlights the diverse approaches and techniques employed by the next generation of design talents.

In conclusion, Gabriel Hafner’s success at the Design Parade Hyères is a testament to his dedication and artistic vision. His award-winning design not only highlights his talent but also underscores the importance of blending creativity with functionality in the world of design. As he continues to make waves in the design industry, Hafner’s unique perspective and innovative approach are sure to leave a lasting impact on the design world.