For the past 50 years, the Agen Hippodrome has been a hub of excitement and entertainment for horse racing enthusiasts. Jean-Philippe Semeillon, the president of the Horse Racing Association in Agen, is gearing up for the grand celebration of this milestone anniversary. The Agenais Horse Racing Society, of which Jean-Philippe Semeillon has been the president since 2010, has a rich history that dates back over 170 years. However, it was in 1974 that the current site at La Garenne was inaugurated as the Agen Hippodrome.

To mark this special occasion, festivities will kick off on Saturday at 5:30 pm with horse races and live concerts. A DJ will set the mood for the evening, followed by performances from the pop-rock band Elektrik Monday and the iconic Mario of Emile & Images. Jean-Philippe Semeillon is eager to make this celebration accessible to everyone, not just horse racing enthusiasts. That’s why the association has decided to make all the animations free of charge.

The celebrations will feature a wide range of music genres, from electro to rock, funk, and classic hits from Mario, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to the concerts, there will be free activities, including a spectacular fireworks display. The event will also showcase highlights from the past 50 years, with images and footage of memorable races and competitions, making it a family-friendly affair.

This anniversary celebration is a perfect opportunity to honor all those who have contributed to the success of the hippodrome over the years. From the dedicated volunteers of the association to the horses themselves, who are the true stars of the races, and their skilled riders, everyone will be recognized for their contributions. Local professionals will be on hand to share stories of their victories, including the renowned Yves Saint-Martin, a local hero.

Looking ahead to the next 50 years, Jean-Philippe Semeillon is determined to keep the Agen Hippodrome at the top of its game. Over the decades, the venue has witnessed many unforgettable moments, and under Jean-Philippe Semeillon’s leadership, it has continued to thrive. With plans to invest in modernizing the facilities and infrastructure, the aim is to ensure that the hippodrome remains a premier destination for horse racing enthusiasts and families alike for years to come.

The Agen Hippodrome has always been committed to making horse racing accessible to a wider audience, not just seasoned bettors. By hosting themed events like the recent Spanish-themed day in March, the hippodrome aims to attract a diverse crowd of visitors. Jean-Philippe Semeillon’s vision is to create a welcoming space where both racing enthusiasts and curious onlookers can come together to enjoy a day of excitement and entertainment.

As the Agen Hippodrome celebrates its 50th anniversary, it is not just a time to reflect on the past but also to look forward to a bright future. With a rich history behind it and a commitment to innovation and inclusivity, the Agen Hippodrome is poised to continue delighting audiences for generations to come.