Massive Fire Breaks Out in Vidauban, Var, Families Confined or Evacuated

In the southern part of Vidauban, Var, a violent fire broke out this afternoon around 3 pm, near departmental road 48 in the Maures massif. The cause of the fire is not yet identified but the fire is already very significant. At 6:45 pm, the fire continues to spread towards the East of the Massif. It has already covered 200 hectares according to information from the Var firefighters.

The departmental roads 48 and 72 are closed to traffic in the late afternoon between the towns of Vidauban and Plan de la Tour. Families Evacuated or Confined The hamlets « Les Claudins », « Les Pruniers », « Les Barrets », and « Les Pierrons » in the town of Plan-de-la Tour have been evacuated. Just like the domains of « Fenouil » and « La Jale » in the town of Vidauban. The families of the hamlet « Les Bas Oliviers » in La Garde-Freinet had to be confined. In the early evening, 200 firefighters are mobilized.

With the strong winds, the operation had to be reinforced with aerial means: three Canadair aircraft and a water bomber helicopter from the Civil Security. The firefighters from Bouches-du-Rhône already announced sending 70 men to reinforce the team on site this Tuesday evening. Reinforcements are also expected from Alpes-Maritimes and Vaucluse, Marseille’s sailor firefighters, and Brignoles’ UIISC7, a total of 320 firefighters as reinforcements.

A site-level command post is activated. If the fire is not under control by nightfall, the aerial means will be forced to withdraw, leaving the firefighters alone facing the flames. Instructions from the Var firefighters:
– Do not go to the scene
– Do not expose yourself to risks
– Unless it is an emergency, do not overload the emergency phone lines
– Facilitate access for emergency services by leaving gates open
– To limit damage, close shutters and secure plastic furniture, gas bottles in a closed room, or in a pool.