Sharon Stone, the Hollywood actress, shared a very summery photo on her Instagram account on Wednesday, July 10. After announcing a duet with French singer Julien Doré, Sharon Stone proves that she embraces herself, no matter her age.

Sharon Stone, at 66 years old, confidently wears a blue bikini bottom: after singing with Julien Doré, painting!

On her Instagram account, the Hollywood cinema icon alternates between hyper-glamorous photo shoots and candid family snapshots. The subject of all fantasies in the film Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone shows that time does not affect her self-confidence and she does not hide. On this Wednesday, July 10, the 66-year-old actress revealed herself in a blue bikini bottom, painting a canvas from behind. She captioned the image with the following: « Sometimes, I just have to go from the pool to painting. » Yes, the 7th art star has been painting for a few years, and her pictorial work is currently exhibited in Berlin and San Francisco. A photo that demonstrates that, even though her body has changed, she fully embraces herself and is not afraid to show it. Her fans seem to appreciate the artist’s approach as most of the comments are very complimentary and praise Sharon Stone’s beauty.

Sharon Stone and Julien Doré, an unexpected duo. And she is not just a legendary actress and a recognized painter: she also thrives in the world of music and recently sang a duet with one of our most friendly French singers: Julien Doré. The former La Nouvelle Star contestant announced his collaboration with the American star on Tuesday, July 9, on his Instagram account.

The ukulele player posted several pictures of himself with Sharon Stone, during their studio recording. The photos are captioned with « The J and the S, » then Julien Doré announces the release of his new album, titled Imposteur, available for pre-order from July 17. On this occasion, the two artists perform the famous song « Paroles Paroles » together, originally performed by Dalida and Alain Souchon. An unexpected and promising collaboration whose backstage he revealed in an interview with Le Parisien: « I quickly thought of Sharon. I wrote to her, and she immediately responded. She was very enthusiastic. Since she was coming to Berlin (for the film festival in February), we went to see her there to record our duet. »

Good news for Sharon Stone, who has experienced several tragedies in recent years. Indeed, her 11-month-old nephew died from a serious illness in 2021, then her brother Patrick passed away in January 2023, taken by a heart condition. That same year, at the Women’s Cancer Research Fund gala in Beverly Hills, the actress revealed that she had lost half of her fortune due to the fall of the Silicon Valley Bank on March 10.

Sharon Stone in tears: the actress explains that she lost half of her fortune.
March 19, 2023 at 10:02 PM

« Tragic succession of deaths » for Sharon Stone: her brother Patrick suddenly gone, a year after her baby.
February 14, 2023 at 11:20 AM

These events highlight the resilience and strength of Sharon Stone, who continues to pursue her passions and talents across various artistic mediums. Her openness about her personal struggles and creative endeavors serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the importance of self-expression and self-acceptance at any age. Sharon Stone’s recent ventures into music and painting demonstrate her multifaceted creativity and unwavering spirit, making her a true icon in the entertainment industry.