Giulia Sarkozy Realizes Her Dream at 12: Becomes Owner of Beloved Horse

In a heartwarming turn of events, Giulia Sarkozy, the daughter of Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy, has achieved her lifelong dream at the young age of 12. Giulia has been passionate about horseback riding since the age of 6, spending countless hours training with the horses at her equestrian center. From jumping obstacles to galloping in the fields, caring for her equine companions has been a central part of her life as a pre-adolescent.

Like many dedicated equestrians, Giulia has longed for the day when she would have her very own horse. A companion to share in her rides and form a special bond with. After winning her first SF course in May, Giulia recently announced on her Instagram account a momentous occasion. She revealed that she is now the proud owner of a horse, fulfilling a dream she has held close to her heart.

The horse, named Valentine du Delta and affectionately known as Vavou by Giulia, has been a cherished part of her life since December 2022. Previously on a lease, Giulia is overjoyed to finally have ownership of her beloved mount. In addition to this exciting news, Giulia has also been named the ambassador for the equestrian brand Art équestre in Puget-sur-Argens. This collaboration hints at a promising future career for the young equestrian.

Giulia expressed her gratitude for the brand, praising their quality products and familial team. Becoming an ambassador for a brand has always been a dream of hers, one that has now become a reality. With her dreams coming true at such a young age, Giulia’s future in the equestrian world looks bright. What will be her next accomplishment?

In conclusion, Giulia Sarkozy’s journey to becoming a horse owner at 12 is a heartwarming tale of dedication and passion. With a supportive family behind her and exciting opportunities on the horizon, Giulia’s story is one to watch as she continues to pursue her dreams in the world of equestrian sports.