The European Commission has requested additional information from the online retail giant Amazon on Friday to verify that it is complying with the new EU rules on digital services (DSA).
The request, to which the American group must respond by July 26, mainly focuses on the measures taken regarding the transparency of recommendation systems, Brussels specified in a statement.
The EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA), which came into effect in February, regulates the risks associated with algorithms that guide users to personalized content.
The DSA also requires major digital players to keep a record of advertisers to allow for the consultation of current advertising campaigns on their platforms.
A first step in a procedure
The European executive also asks Amazon for explanations « on the design, development, deployment, testing, and maintenance of the online interface » of this advertising registry.
Such a request for information under the DSA does not constitute an accusation at this stage, and does not suggest that any offenses are likely to have been committed. However, it is a first step in a procedure that could ultimately lead to heavy financial penalties in the case of proven and prolonged violations of the regulations.
Amazon shares Brussels’ goal
For its part, Amazon assures that it is « working closely » with Brussels and « shares the goal of the European Commission to create a safe, stable, and reliable shopping environment. » « We are investing significantly in protecting our site against malicious actors and illegal content, » a spokesperson said in a statement.
Around twenty major platforms, including Amazon, AliExpress, Google Shopping, Facebook, X or Instagram, are subject to enhanced controls by the EU under the DSA.

Additional Information:
The Digital Services Act (DSA) is a set of regulations put in place by the European Union to ensure a safer online environment for users. It aims to increase transparency, accountability, and user safety on digital platforms. The DSA is crucial in today’s digital age where online services play a significant role in people’s lives.

With the rise of online shopping and digital advertising, it is essential for platforms like Amazon to comply with these regulations to protect consumers from potential risks and ensure fair competition in the digital market. By requiring companies to be transparent about their recommendation systems and advertising practices, the DSA helps create a level playing field for all businesses operating online.

The cooperation between Amazon and the European Commission highlights the importance of regulatory compliance in the digital sector. It shows that major companies are willing to work with regulators to uphold the rules and standards set forth by the EU. This collaboration ultimately benefits consumers by promoting a safer and more trustworthy online shopping experience.