Apple Brings Calculator to iPad After 382 Years

iPadOS 18 introduces the most anticipated feature since the creation of the iPad: a… calculator. With a big twist.

In 1642, Blaise Pascal invented a mechanical calculator, the Pascaline, considered the first calculating machine. Apple waited until 2024 to integrate a virtual calculator into the iPad. Surprisingly, the iPad currently does not have a native calculator – a feature present on the iPhone.

With iPadOS 18, announced at WWDC 2024 alongside iOS 18 for the iPhone, the iPad will finally gain a calculator. The announcement received a thunderous applause, indicating it was highly anticipated by users.

A Large Calculator
On the iPad, the calculator will necessarily be huge, as it will span the entire screen – which can reach 13 inches on the latest iPad Pro and iPad Air models. Beyond the jokes, those who have made the tablet their primary work tool will undoubtedly be pleased with this addition. Think of students who have chosen an iPad over a computer to take their classes and sometimes need to make a quick calculation.

Math Notes, the Real Function for Calculations
But Apple wouldn’t be Apple if they had settled for a basic calculator. In addition to this simplistic tool that we learn to use early in life, iPadOS 18 introduces a much more advanced feature: Math Notes.

Math Notes can be defined as a super calculator. Essentially, you will be able to write equations on the tablet, and it will solve them for you. Modify one of the data? The result will adjust accordingly.

In short, Apple is not just adding a calculator to the iPad, it is transforming it into a true calculation companion, even for those in scientific studies.

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