New Free and Anonymous Chatbot Service Available

A new free and anonymous online service now allows users to access a variety of chatbots, intelligent conversational agents. Designed to respect user privacy, this service promises to convince even the most hesitant internet users to explore generative AI. With DuckDuckGo AI Chat, anyone can now enjoy some of the most advanced language models such as GPT-3.5 Turbo from OpenAI, Claude 3 Haiku from Anthropic, Llama 3 70B from Meta, and Mixtral 8x7B from French Mistral AI. The tool can be accessed at, and users can easily switch between different models.

The appeal of this service lies in its privacy-focused approach, as conversations are guaranteed to be anonymous and untraceable (user IPs are replaced by DuckDuckGo’s). Privacy protection is particularly relevant in a time when concerns about online privacy are increasing, both for individuals and professionals. DuckDuckGo has long been committed to providing privacy-respecting solutions, removing all metadata that could be accessed by third parties before sending each request.

While the use of this feature is currently free, there is a limit on the number of prompts per day (not specified). DuckDuckGo does not rule out offering a paid option for those who wish to have unlimited access to the service.